Do I have to be on Google+? The answer is emphatically yes. Over the years, I have taught my clients here’s the advantage of Facebook, here’s the advantage of Twitter, no, you don’t HAVE to be on any network. You can choose.  I might have said, if you are looking for a job and you aren’t on LinkedIN, you aren’t actually looking for a job.  With Google+ that has gone away, it is now imperative for everyone to claim their Google+ profile.  Why am I finally being emphatic? Google is the number one search engine in the world and they’ve decided to join the social network scene.  I say has decided, this has been coming for many years, this is actually their 3rd attempt at a social network and this time they have done it well.

In addition to being able to control your profile and pages, you also can control what search get when they search and get your Google business listing.  That is now part of your Google+ profile.  If you want to control what is delivered to users when they search for your business listing, then you will want to control your Google+ profile.

It’s fast and it’s easy; you no longer have to have a gmail account.  You can now use your primary email account.  If you are @yourcompanyname, feel free to use that.  If you are already on Google+, post in the comments a link to your account, so I can add you to my circles.  {Hint: we are going to talk about Google+ for several posts so we’ll cover circles soon.}

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